Day Nineteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: Sunday ain’t Sunday without Toby!

I woke up this morning and as I was checking my Facebook, I noticed a Toby Carvery advert….stop,reading now this if you don’t know what It is.

Sunday Roast sounded amazing so I nudged the boyfriend and said look look Toby!
He moaned and rolled over! Nevermind hey!

Later on that day as I was settling down and getting some work done, boyfriend said ‘what’s for tea?’ ‘Erm…. Omelette??’
After a few seconds he said ‘how about I offer another option? Toby Carvery?’
I somehow think in his sleepy haze that morning he had heard what I had said subconsciously and had woke up wanting Toby carvery! I should try this tactic more often!!

Now I never usually have dessert at Toby….I eat so much, I get myself in a state where I feel sick, I am going to burst and the only way to feel better is to be horizontal for a long time!!
This time I paced myself knowing that I would definitely have a sweet tooth later, so when it came to dessert I had calmly observed the menu, eliminated the chocolate options and happily decided on treacle pudding…..with bottomless custard…..seriously If you have never been….get googling!!

A few minutes passed and the waitress returned to let me know that they didn’t have any!! Clearly not a woman in the knowledge and unaware of my situation!! Stay calm….it’s not her fault….I don’t truly believe that…she probably ate the last one on her lunch break! I glanced the menu again and glumly decided on apple crumble….probably because it also came with bottomless custard!!
Was delicious and as usual walked out the door with a food baby and an urge to nap!!

I am now planning what else I want that I can causally mention when boyfriend is asleep! A puppy? Move to NYC!!


Day Eighteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: Friends and Cake!!

Now here are two of my favourite things……friends and cake! And even better when put together!!
One of my favourite things to do is sit and dink coffee and eat cake whilst having a natter with my good friends! Well Saturday is loving me this week!

Last minute meet up with my friend in York, it’s where we met and kind of the place in the middle of where we both live.

So she….Elizabeth…has given up tea and coffee for lent!! Eeeek, this could be tricky! She needs my coffee to go with her chocolate cake and I need her chocolate cake to go with my coffee!! It could of been disastrous….but wasn’t!
Elizabeth settled for a hot chocolate and me a cappuccino and we shared a blueberry and Oat muffin! Delicious and definitely going to bake at home! Have done blueberry muffins before but not with oats, and it was really nice!!

We sat and talked birthdays, the sacrifice of the things we love and caught up on life! Perfect!!

So my aim this week…..bake some muffins, infact….May make some the makers fair on Saturday….you Yorkshire people, hope your coming? Mind the Gap studios, 12-4 Saturday, be there! You can sample my cupcakes and even watch a demo of how I ice them!



Day Seventeen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Experimenting!!

Friday is here and plans are made for the weekend!!
Only thing left to do is to plan the makers fair I will be baking cakes for next week!!
Cupcake cases-check, icing-check, new ideas……er best get on it!!

I got me mixing bowl out and got to work!!

With it being Mother’s Day on Sunday I’m going for pastel colours and sweet cupcakes that mums will love.
I like doing big events, means I get to do lots of flavours…..even chocolate!!

I’m think I’m in a good place thought, I miss it but hey life really does go on…..just gotta make sure I don’t eat any of the mixture as I’m baking…..eeeek!!!

Check out this strawberry cream cupcake, dipped in milk chocolate!!

I promise I didn’t have any of the mixture as I was putting into the case…..ok maybe a little spoonful…..don’t judge…I’m without chocolate!!


Day Sixteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – quick and easy!!

I am so behind with these posts, finding a moment is tricky at the moment!!

Anywho I’m here tell you that even with a busy schedule and a big show coming up at work, there is always time to make a cereal bar!!
Honestly try it….it’s so easy and tastes good!!
Grab some granola, some oats, some fruit and basically anything else you want in there!
Mix it all up within bit of condensed milk! Done! Pop it in the fridge for a few hours and bingo…tasty and fills you up!!

When is running round work it’s perfect to just open the fridge and grab a piece and carry on!

Try it!!



Day Fourteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – It’s official….I’m addicted!!

I think I know myself quite well. I know my strengths, I definitely know my weaknesses and I categorically know that I have an additive personality!! Fortunately it’s for things that aren’t classed as illegal substances or that can get me in any sort of trouble!

99% of the time I have to have something in my life that I’m addicted to or want all the time! Could be a tv show, food, a place, a saying…..and for period of time I will be fixated with that thing!!
I consume myself with until I get bored or it’s all gone!!

My boyfriend normally recognises this behaviour with sweets and says he can’t understand why I do it!!
Think it’s desire to always have something there, or that something that you know will make you happy in that instant!!

So right now…well for a while now it’s been these raspberry flavoured laces that you can only buy from an American candy store in Leeds!!

I buy them in bulk…. I keep them in business I’m sure!!

I will sit and eat them until they have all gone, and there is no disguising that I have because they make your tongue BLUE!!

This aspect to my personality is certainly helping me through the chocolate ban although it maybe heightening somewhat….ah well…off to the candy I go (skip skip)!!


Day Fifteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Life changing moment!!

So BIG news today…… I achieved a big challenge in my life, a task that I set for myself many a year ago and have finally completed today (Wednesday)!!

To go to the cinema by myself!!

When I was younger and went to the movies, if I saw somebody by themselves I would instantly feel a pang in my heart and worry that they were along or unhappy!!
This feeling has stayed with me for years and was only a couple of years ago I stopped and thought ‘why?’
You don’t go for a chat do you?
Maybe because it has always been a social thing for me. A package of company, food and film!!
So for years I avoided even thinking about doing it, worried people would judge and feel sorry for me!!

Then this year, the year of doing those things you always wanted to, it appeared on the list, at the very top!!

I find it quite hard to find time by myself, I live a very busy lifestyle and will always find an excuse not to do it!!
I kinda had in my head I would never do it….but Wednesday evening came…..I finish work late and head home. As I get into the station I have a moment… is on, not interested in that and in the mood for a film!!

Before I knew it I was at the cinema buying my ticket and good old popcorn!!

Not sure what I was worried about, I survived and I’m glad I have now done it! Could be quite addictive!!

So my treat for tonight was the cinema, a change from food but equally as satisfying!! Although it’s tricky when u need a wee and you don’t have anyone to hold your popcorn!!


Day Thirteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Leftovers!!

There is nothing better than opening the fridge, searching around for what you can put together for your lunch and then you see it………..Ta dah……it’s like a light is switched on……LEFTOVERS!!
The lovely Vicky packed us off with extra cake goodness and I’m excited!!

I do feel like I need to spoil myself everyday….make up for the terrible life I’m leading without chocolate!!


Day Twelve: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Cassa Del Ackroyds!!

Sunday was a good one…… My lovely friend Vicky is cooking me and some friends dinner!! Now the real reason we go round is not for the dinner part really…..although it’s always so good…but we go because we love cake and she makes amazing cake!! Cake that is filled with Love!! And they come in all different shapes and sizes, flavours and all personal to our dietary requirements!!
My boyfriend as a diabetic shouldn’t eat to much of the good stuff…so Vicky always makes him his own sugar sugar free selection!!
Along with this was plenty of non chocolately treats perfectly sized so you can eat plenty!!

There were bakewell tarts, lemon cupcakes, cookies and brownies…delicious!!

A lovely evening, with lovely friends, and yummy food!! I love food parties!!


Day Eleven: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – My Milkshakes bring all the….

These blogs are late……I know….I know…..lazy me….although have had hectic weekend and only finally having a chance to have some time with my iPad!!
Saturday was an eventful day, having my account hacked and my dollar stolen, I was a woman NOT to be messed with……’Give me the chocolate….NOW!!!’

Surely I could be forgiven for a having a bar of dairy goodness to make me feel better?? What better reason could there be?
I resisted…. there was only one thing that could make all this better……and that was milkshakes!!
Milkshakes are naughty…..they are for special occasions, they are for hangovers……they are…..GOOOOOOD!!!!

If I was doing this, I was doing it properly…..homemade!!

I usually choose chocolate milkshakes…..what’s the point in branching out, it’s never going to be as good!!!
But with no choice, I got choosing!!

Skittles? Nope! Fresh fruit? Nope!! Peanut Butter… you’re taking!!!

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, a spoonful of peanut butter and large splash of milk….it’s go time!!
Blend it it up and pour into glass?? Heaven!!!!

The good thing about milkshake is that it fills you up and feels almost like you had chocolate!!

Natwest who???




Day Ten: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – MUST NEVER BE EMPTY!!

After a big physical day at work accompanied by a large fish and chips….. There wasn’t much room for anything else but sleep!!

However, there is rule in my house…..the sweet jar….which was one of the first things I bought when we moved in…must always have sweets in… all times!! So if an emergency occurs where I need sweets and the it’s 10pm and the shops are closed….I never need worry because the jar of sugar and delight will always save the day!!

It has actually never been empty, it occasionally sits in the kitchen with a few lonely sweets that don’t sit on top of my list, but is never empty!!

At the moment my boyfriend is doing a great job of keeping it full and varied!!

Friday night arrives……let’s tuck in!! I made the mistake of buying a tracker bar on my way to work today for a snack and when I came to open it realised it was a chocolate chop tracker!! I contemplated whether to dissect each chip out one by one or to admit defeat and throw it away!! I tried to extract the chips…. I tried to convince myself there was nothing I could do so should just eat it….but guilt washed over me and I gave up!!

So my little emergency jar is just what I needed tonight!
Honestly people, everyone should have one of these in there house!!