Day Twenty Nine: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Going all out!!

What an amazing show, and although because of the show I have been slack with posts, it went so fantastically and was such a great achievement for my students!!

Now after all that hard work….I want a treat….a big treat…I deserve it!!

It’s like fate was on my side today……so I’m tired, a zombie at work, not quite on this planet and all I want to do is sleep!!
As I’m on my way home, I stroll through Trintiy, the new shopping centre in Leeds and see all this commotion!!
I officially think I’m the noisiest person…ever…so I take a look!!

‘Treat Yourself’ – A Special event on that evening!!

Hallelujah! This maybe just what I’m looking for!!

After doing some investigation it became apparent that if you signed up and got a wrist band you would be able to get discount on clothes, food and games at the shopping centre. This was on!!! I’m going to go crazy! I’m suddenly full of energy and want to be pampered!!

A couple of hours later, I am holding three bags of clothes, a ten pound gift voucher, some sweets and standing in a VIP area sipping cocktails!! How did this happen!! Love it!!

I feel content, satisfied and loved and one it is time to zzzzzzzzzz!!

Chocolate who??

P.S I did not eat those chocolates in the pictures…….I’m saving them bad boys!!!



Day Twenty Seven: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – ENERGY!!!

So the week of my show has arrived…..aggghhh! There was simply no time for sweet stuff, I’m powering through and only red bull will do!!
I’m very against energy drinks and not sure they are anything but full of crap and sweeteners, but for my sanity I am relying on it to stand by my side and keep me at energy levels that don’t drop to falling asleep at the computer and waking up to saliva on my chin and a squiffy fringe!! Ha!!


Day 20,21,22,23,24,25,26: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – What a week!!

Wow, I have been off the radar!! Trust me to give up chocolate in the middle of a big show and reckon I can keep up with a daily blog about it!!
So……not too much replacing chocolate with something else as I haven’t had much time for anything… I’m going to condense 5 days in one blog!

I have a new love…..its called strawberry mousse! They give me enough dairy to feel satisfied!? Ha!
I have eaten a lot of these!
I had a cake stall at the weekend which meant I could be with cake and feel safe and loved! It was tricky not being able to test the chocolate cake batter though and having to trust my diabetic boyfriend!!

I realised this week, I don’t miss the taste of chocolate nessisarily…..but more crave what I can’t have!!

Mothers days on sunday meant more cake and a picnic in the park was a good non-chocolate treat!! This was after a massive French Toast and syrup breakfast made by me and my daddy for a special mummy!! Could literally live on French toast……

The week ahead looked tricky, longs hours and in need of pick me ups!! Red bull it is!!!

Here are a selection of photos from the last 5 days……