Day Over: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: I did it!!!

Well it’s over…..and I am finally out of my chocolate coma!!

46 days and admittedly a great challenge!! Tasting chocolate again on Sunday was very strange and felt very wrong! But GOOOOD!!!
I ate a lot…but not as much as I thought….took me a while!
Now I’m like where’s the chocolate??

You will be happy to know thought, that my house is full of chocolate eggs that I’m making my way through!!

Well done to all those who gave something up for lent, esp chocolate, hope you are enjoying normal life again!!

Even though I love chocolate, this has been a good test of how much I rely on it and think I need it!
I have also tried new things and found happiness in random stuff!
Biggest lesson, I need that lick me up….a lot! I’m reliant on something and easily addicted to stuff! Ha!

Check out my Easter weekend chocolate activities and I will be back posting a blog about my favourite days and treats shortly!!


Day Forty Five: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Preparations….

So have spent the day baking chocolate goodies……WHY????

All for a good cause, making Easter treats for friends and making extra chocolately goodness for those who also gave up chocolate!

Whipped up some chocolate fridge cake and brownies and that was it!

At one point I starred at my hands, full of chocolate……I could smell it, all warm and gooey! I couldn’t even test them…do ha…hope you enjoy people!!

So not long left…..I can taste the finishing line!!!

Day Forty Four: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Doing it the Yankee way!!

3 days left……… Whoop!
I am carefully planning what will be ‘the one’!! What will be the first chocolate to pass my lips!
I’m definitely thinking Cadburys, has to be! Then I can move on to the eggs after that!!
After visiting some friends yesterday a friend who also gave up chocolate gave me the best idea ever!!
Forget boiled eggs on Sunday she said….. What you do is get a Cadburys cream egg, stick it in an egg cup, then grab a Cadburys chocolate finger……happy days!!
Amazing, after 46 days, no better way of celebrating!! Plus you are always guaranteed a runny egg!!

So me and my friend Karen, also given up the big C, went for American breakfast at a little place near us in town. Have been meaning to go for ages and finally made it. This is our treat today! American pancakes, smothered in maple syrup! Delicious!
Great pancakes, great syrup and great company, perfect way to start a day off!! That will keep my sweet appetite at bay until way after lunch!!


Days 36-43: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – A round up!!

Well it’s been another busy week and if I’m honest I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday!
I actually thought it would start off bad and get better, but actually I want chocolate more now the end is in sight!!
Just a few more days……

Have done a 180 in the whole replacing chocolate with other sweets things and have found my savory tooth!! I have noticed I have been substituting chocolate for things like; pie and pasty’s and crisps…..although am hooked on Lotus Caramelised biscuits! They are perfect with coffee and a great sub for chocky biccies!!

Had some yummy stuff this week, including 2 picnics and homemade CakeRox Cupcakes, sooooo gooood!! Also found a drive-thru Starbucks…..yes you heard me right…..but as I was carefully deciding what to get and making my mouth water looking at the frappuchino’s, as we arrived at the order point a little voice came over the tanoy to say that they had closed!! Nooooooooooo!! Who doesn’t need coffee after 9 at night!!!

Here is my week summed up in these pictures! I suppose when you have been that close to Justin Timberlake, there is just not much left to say!! Ha!!






Day Thirty Five: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – No better treat!!

Now I maybe bending the rules or going to levels that really do go beyond ‘treating yourself’!!

So prepare yourself….. Today’s treat and substitute for chocolate comes in the shape of a human? Is that allowed?
A male, around 30 years of age and probably the biggest triple threat known to man…..EVER!!! (For those unfamiliar with triple threat; it’s someone who can sing, dance and act!!)

Ladies and Gentleman…..JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!

After a spontaneous moment last Thursday where I was made aware that Justin Timberlake still had tickets for his tour, I asked myself, ‘why am I not going’? Then it happened, iPad on, credit card out and click to buy!!

No words can really describe the talent that man has, tbh God wasn’t really being fair when he made that guy, didn’t really share out the talent and beautifulness to the rest if the world!!

Anyway, no chocolate needed, no food substitute required, just me, Justin, a moving stage and his dulcet tones…how romantic…..even if his wife and another 10,000 people were there!! Ha!!

I really have excelled myself today and worry about the pending withdrawl and normality that will kick in afterwards!!
You tube… need to get me through this terrible time!!


Day Thirty Four: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge- Now that’s a sandwich!!

We all know I Luuuuuurve sandwiches!!

A lot of my inspiration comes from tv adverts and the other night a club sandwich was spotted during the ad break of something silly like the Kardashians!! Yes, I’m addicted!!

Club sandwich…it’s happening!!

In true restaurant style, was toasted, smothered in mayonnaise and served with ready salted crisps!! No messing about!!

Only two weeks to go til I can purge all over Easter’s face so best get cramming in new yummy stuff before life becomes normal again!

I may challenge myself to choose a favourite at then end of all this!! That’s going to be a hard one!!


Day Thirty Three: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Does anyone one remember Hippo Mousse?

I used to love Hippo Strawberry Mousse when I was kid! It’s so much better than yogurt! Yogurt is just a bit boring!
Mousse……mousse is goooood!

Although I tend to stir the mousse until it looks like yoghurt so ignore me!

Have found a mousse just like hippo mousse though……Ski Mousse! It’s good. My fridge has about three packs in it!!
I need the dairy! It makes me think I’m kind of having chocolate in a weird way…anything to keep my naughty fingers out of the biscuit tin!!

Plus my boyfriend said that since there is no chocolate in the house, he is loads better at not eating little bits which he shouldn’t!!
So yey me, helping the diabetics too!! Too kind for my own good me! Ha!!


Day Thirty Two: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Being adventurous!!

Now anyone who knows me knows; 1: I don’t like change, and 2: I generally like what I like and a bit if a wuss sometimes in trying new things!!

I am better now I’m older……I’d tend to try the new stuff I would never when I was younger that isn’t scary, like food, and wuss out of the real scary stuff I used to love, like roller coasters now I’m older!! AGE!!

Anyway, Trinity Kitchen, I’ve definitely mentioned it before! The really cool food court place in Leeds City Centre. Well they have about 4 main food places that are always there and then they have food stalls that are there just for the month then change!! I love it here… and the boyfriend are there….ALOT!!

It means I try new stuff and don’t stick to the same old, like chicken wraps…..they are my favourite, and sandwiches!!

In the last couple of months since going there though I have tried falafel, Vietnamese food and other peoples cakes…..I know! Check me out!

Anyway, at the beginning of the month they change over and I’m always dying to get down there and explore!
This month’s……very different and in need of some bravery on my part?
There is a Sri Lankan, Indian and Sushi stall! All look exciting but a little scary!

I’m searching for the sandwich place, a wrap, a baguette, something safe….but nothing!
I walk around a few times and settle on the sushi stall!
Now I didn’t like sushi until last year where I broke my yo sushi virginity! Was an overwhelming situation in itself…..the moving conveyer belt and the freedom to choose ANYTHING!! I sat and watched everyone else for about 15 minutes until I was clear that I had the right instructions!!

So this stall….. It was sushi but giant!!
Like wraps but sushi… If that makes sense!!

I’m going for it…I’m going to be brave……I order the chicken teriyaki…I know, I know, I could have been braver but baby steps ey!!

It was good, quite overwhelming and very filling but good all the same! Fresh, tasty and different!
My no chocolate treat done, with style! Off to the theatre I go!!


Day Thirty One: 40 Day Bo Chocolate Challenge – Are you kidding me??

This week is really testing me…….. BISCUITS……you demons!!

A meeting at work today included biscuits….great I thought….non chocolate ones for me, but hey, it’s a biscuit, all good!! CORRECTION; not good, not good at all!
Marks and Spencer’s…. I think your great…your sandwiches, great, smoothies great, crisps, great….but why, why would you make a selection box of biscuits that are all chocolate?? Not one single biscuit was not draped in white or milk chocolate goodness! Now I’m not biscuit connoisseur but most biscuit boxes have a couple of plain ones, you know the ones, shortbread or some sort do ginger crunch….but no….all chocolate!!

So in sat there watching everyone take one biscuit, then another and I’m struggling, I want to quit! I try to convince myself that 30 days I’d good enough, enough is enough now….I’m a better person when I’m in chocolate, no one needs this charli around! Ha! Nice try! The guilt after enjoying the biscuit would be too much so I instead have a lack of space raiders….so 90’s and crunch my way through them, wafting the pickled inion smell around the meeting room as everyone else eats the biscuits!! Ah well!


Day Thirty: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – A real test of will power!!

Last day of term, whooooooo!!
Lots of energy and end of term excitement!! Only one thing for it! An Easter Egg Hunt!!

Not we don’t do it by halves at my work and we definitely don’t make it easy!! This hunt was like Hunger Games; Curse of the Mini Eggs!! My role; to buy the eggs……what??? Why?? This is punishment!!

So the days starts ok, I carry the eggs to work and don’t really think about it….but then they are on my desk and I’m tired and vulnerable and in need of treats…then I have to unwrap them…..ah god…..stop staring at me!! I can hear them….’just one charli, no one will ever know!’…….aggghhhhh!!

A small amount of chocolate isn’t so bad, I can deal with it, but when there is large amount and knowing that no one will notice a small, delicious, carefully foiled wrapped, festive, yummy chocolate egg if went missing!!

I leave my desk, I hand the eggs over and scream loudly inside my head!! Ha!

I didn’t really treat myself to something alternative today but thought not giving in to such temptation deserved a blog anyway! Well done me!!