Day 1: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – So far so good!!

Day 1 and to be honest, I thought I was going to find it harder! My routine is to have my Diet Coke break (11.30) with a coffee and some chocolate……some people say its a mocha!!
Today I dreaded the break where everyone was going to rustle in their bags and I would hear the crack of a kit breaking or the munch of a snickers, but I was actually ok! I opened my little tin foil package and slowly ate my (not so fresh) hot cross bun!! There could be worse things!!

So on the train home tonight I was trying to visually remember what I had in my cupboards that I could rustle up when I got home to cure my 9pm chocolate cravings…… and this is what I came up with……Peanut Butter Crunch!!

Soooo easy to make….I basically substituted the chocolate for peanut…..wait …..American peanut butter!!
Check out the pics below, super easy…..go on….make some!!
I will be taking left overs in to work tomorrow for my snack!! See who said this was going to be hard!!!

1. Mix 2 tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of golden syrup in pan until melted.


2. Add 2 tablespoons of peanut butter (crunchy or smooth) and mix until thoroughly blended.


3. Once mixed together add cornflakes (around 200g) to the mix and stir until all mixed together.


4. Finally add the mixture to a grease paper lined cake tin and put in the fridge for a couple of hours….well……until you have finished your tea…..ha!!




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