Day Eighteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: Friends and Cake!!

Now here are two of my favourite things……friends and cake! And even better when put together!!
One of my favourite things to do is sit and dink coffee and eat cake whilst having a natter with my good friends! Well Saturday is loving me this week!

Last minute meet up with my friend in York, it’s where we met and kind of the place in the middle of where we both live.

So she….Elizabeth…has given up tea and coffee for lent!! Eeeek, this could be tricky! She needs my coffee to go with her chocolate cake and I need her chocolate cake to go with my coffee!! It could of been disastrous….but wasn’t!
Elizabeth settled for a hot chocolate and me a cappuccino and we shared a blueberry and Oat muffin! Delicious and definitely going to bake at home! Have done blueberry muffins before but not with oats, and it was really nice!!

We sat and talked birthdays, the sacrifice of the things we love and caught up on life! Perfect!!

So my aim this week…..bake some muffins, infact….May make some the makers fair on Saturday….you Yorkshire people, hope your coming? Mind the Gap studios, 12-4 Saturday, be there! You can sample my cupcakes and even watch a demo of how I ice them!



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