Day Eleven: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – My Milkshakes bring all the….

These blogs are late……I know….I know…..lazy me….although have had hectic weekend and only finally having a chance to have some time with my iPad!!
Saturday was an eventful day, having my account hacked and my dollar stolen, I was a woman NOT to be messed with……’Give me the chocolate….NOW!!!’

Surely I could be forgiven for a having a bar of dairy goodness to make me feel better?? What better reason could there be?
I resisted…. there was only one thing that could make all this better……and that was milkshakes!!
Milkshakes are naughty…..they are for special occasions, they are for hangovers……they are…..GOOOOOOD!!!!

If I was doing this, I was doing it properly…..homemade!!

I usually choose chocolate milkshakes…..what’s the point in branching out, it’s never going to be as good!!!
But with no choice, I got choosing!!

Skittles? Nope! Fresh fruit? Nope!! Peanut Butter… you’re taking!!!

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, a spoonful of peanut butter and large splash of milk….it’s go time!!
Blend it it up and pour into glass?? Heaven!!!!

The good thing about milkshake is that it fills you up and feels almost like you had chocolate!!

Natwest who???




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