Day Fifteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Life changing moment!!

So BIG news today…… I achieved a big challenge in my life, a task that I set for myself many a year ago and have finally completed today (Wednesday)!!

To go to the cinema by myself!!

When I was younger and went to the movies, if I saw somebody by themselves I would instantly feel a pang in my heart and worry that they were along or unhappy!!
This feeling has stayed with me for years and was only a couple of years ago I stopped and thought ‘why?’
You don’t go for a chat do you?
Maybe because it has always been a social thing for me. A package of company, food and film!!
So for years I avoided even thinking about doing it, worried people would judge and feel sorry for me!!

Then this year, the year of doing those things you always wanted to, it appeared on the list, at the very top!!

I find it quite hard to find time by myself, I live a very busy lifestyle and will always find an excuse not to do it!!
I kinda had in my head I would never do it….but Wednesday evening came…..I finish work late and head home. As I get into the station I have a moment… is on, not interested in that and in the mood for a film!!

Before I knew it I was at the cinema buying my ticket and good old popcorn!!

Not sure what I was worried about, I survived and I’m glad I have now done it! Could be quite addictive!!

So my treat for tonight was the cinema, a change from food but equally as satisfying!! Although it’s tricky when u need a wee and you don’t have anyone to hold your popcorn!!


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