Day Five: 40 Days of No Chocolate Challenge – Raiding the cupboards!!

The sun is shining …… Which I decided might be a good thing!! Why you ask? Because when the sun is shining I do not crave chocolate as much!! The idea of getting a chocolate bar out of your bag to find it’s done a wicked witch of the west act and melted into a pool of room temperature badness ain’t a good thought at all!! I like my chocolate cold…..I mean cold… sometimes pop in the freezer for a while cold!! I know, strange!!

Anyhow, still in London and enjoying the sunshine…..but was not looking forward to the 4 hour coach journey home!!
I stacked up on hardcore crisps, water and some mints with the intention to settle down and read my book!! Four hours alone never happens!!

6 hours later I’m home, having changed coaches in the middle of a dodgy, abandoned, service station, having sweated my entire body out as they coach’s air con was broken which obviously meant the heater was on full blast and sat waiting for ages to fill in complaint form!! I arrived home irritated, hard done by and ready for some happiness?? Surely I am allowed a little bit of chocolate…..who would begrudge me that???
Nope stay strong charl!!

I did that thing where you look in the cupboard an decide what you want then can’t choose. Then ten minutes later you are back there looking again!! After maybe an hour of deciding what would satisfy my taste buds, I decided to make French toast……my favourite!! Covered in maple syrup, job done, happy days and the bus rage soon seeped out of my pores to make room for all that syrup!! YUM!!


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