Day Forty Four: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Doing it the Yankee way!!

3 days left……… Whoop!
I am carefully planning what will be ‘the one’!! What will be the first chocolate to pass my lips!
I’m definitely thinking Cadburys, has to be! Then I can move on to the eggs after that!!
After visiting some friends yesterday a friend who also gave up chocolate gave me the best idea ever!!
Forget boiled eggs on Sunday she said….. What you do is get a Cadburys cream egg, stick it in an egg cup, then grab a Cadburys chocolate finger……happy days!!
Amazing, after 46 days, no better way of celebrating!! Plus you are always guaranteed a runny egg!!

So me and my friend Karen, also given up the big C, went for American breakfast at a little place near us in town. Have been meaning to go for ages and finally made it. This is our treat today! American pancakes, smothered in maple syrup! Delicious!
Great pancakes, great syrup and great company, perfect way to start a day off!! That will keep my sweet appetite at bay until way after lunch!!


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