Day Four: 40 days of No Chocolate Challenge – Broadening my horizons!!!

So I’m in London and it’s a beautiful day!! Me and my friend head down to the Southbank for a walk along the river and find ourselves at Borough Markets!!
Now this is going to go one of two ways; I am trapped in a one way, slow pedestrian walk through endless amounts of chocolate brownies and truffles and free samples…… or I’m going to be blown away with hundreds of different foods I have never tried and chocolate will be a distant memory!!! Well infact it was a mixture of both, obviously far less dramatic too…..damn!! I love drama!!!

There were delicious brownies the size of my foot….everything’s bigger in London and cakes and treats making my mouth water….but this was an opportunity for me to open my eyes to new experiences and to trying new things. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t like change and not very adaptable to it!!
However as we browsed around the markets I was drawn to all the different types of cheese and meats and free samples……obviously!! I wanted bits if everything and the place was just buzzing with food lovers!!

I settled with a cheese pretzel which was yummy and definitely not what I would have chosen if Chocolate was not taking a vacation from my life!!

Borough markets are fab and I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting London!!

So London is being good to me and I’m off out tonight for cocktails so my sweet tooth should be maintained safely here!! 😉


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