Day Fourteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – It’s official….I’m addicted!!

I think I know myself quite well. I know my strengths, I definitely know my weaknesses and I categorically know that I have an additive personality!! Fortunately it’s for things that aren’t classed as illegal substances or that can get me in any sort of trouble!

99% of the time I have to have something in my life that I’m addicted to or want all the time! Could be a tv show, food, a place, a saying…..and for period of time I will be fixated with that thing!!
I consume myself with until I get bored or it’s all gone!!

My boyfriend normally recognises this behaviour with sweets and says he can’t understand why I do it!!
Think it’s desire to always have something there, or that something that you know will make you happy in that instant!!

So right now…well for a while now it’s been these raspberry flavoured laces that you can only buy from an American candy store in Leeds!!

I buy them in bulk…. I keep them in business I’m sure!!

I will sit and eat them until they have all gone, and there is no disguising that I have because they make your tongue BLUE!!

This aspect to my personality is certainly helping me through the chocolate ban although it maybe heightening somewhat….ah well…off to the candy I go (skip skip)!!


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