Day Nine: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Going all out!!

Thursday has been a busy day…….one of those days that requires chocolate!! The feeling that there is simply not enough time to all the things you need to do, so the only thing to do is sit and chocolate (cue kit Kat advert)!!

I had convinced my mum to take part in this challenge which she reluctantly accepted! How long is she going to last I wondered! I imagined she was break after two days but just not tell me…….8 days she lasted!! Accidentally ate a pack of buttons…..said when she realised it was too late…..might as well eat the rest!! What a quitter!! There goes her giant white chocolate Easter egg! Ha she blames my dad…..typical!!

Anyway…..I’m going all out tonight….making a nice dinner and even better dessert!!

On tonight’s menu is…. Lime Cheesecake!!

So easy to make and simply delightful!! And to make it even better, instead of a tin I made the cheesecake in glasses for extra indulgence!!
I layered the biscuit base (butter and smashed up digestives) with double cream and phillidelphia….. Don’t ask me about amounts…… I guess…..most of the time!! Just whisk the cream, lime juice and philli until thick!! Once layered, sprinkle lime rind on the top and chill in the fridge until dessert time!!

Boyfriend loved it….the lime gives it a real refreshing taste!! And I made mojitos with the reminder lines……well I had the rum in!!!



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