Day Nineteen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: Sunday ain’t Sunday without Toby!

I woke up this morning and as I was checking my Facebook, I noticed a Toby Carvery advert….stop,reading now this if you don’t know what It is.

Sunday Roast sounded amazing so I nudged the boyfriend and said look look Toby!
He moaned and rolled over! Nevermind hey!

Later on that day as I was settling down and getting some work done, boyfriend said ‘what’s for tea?’ ‘Erm…. Omelette??’
After a few seconds he said ‘how about I offer another option? Toby Carvery?’
I somehow think in his sleepy haze that morning he had heard what I had said subconsciously and had woke up wanting Toby carvery! I should try this tactic more often!!

Now I never usually have dessert at Toby….I eat so much, I get myself in a state where I feel sick, I am going to burst and the only way to feel better is to be horizontal for a long time!!
This time I paced myself knowing that I would definitely have a sweet tooth later, so when it came to dessert I had calmly observed the menu, eliminated the chocolate options and happily decided on treacle pudding…..with bottomless custard…..seriously If you have never been….get googling!!

A few minutes passed and the waitress returned to let me know that they didn’t have any!! Clearly not a woman in the knowledge and unaware of my situation!! Stay calm….it’s not her fault….I don’t truly believe that…she probably ate the last one on her lunch break! I glanced the menu again and glumly decided on apple crumble….probably because it also came with bottomless custard!!
Was delicious and as usual walked out the door with a food baby and an urge to nap!!

I am now planning what else I want that I can causally mention when boyfriend is asleep! A puppy? Move to NYC!!


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