Day Over: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge: I did it!!!

Well it’s over…..and I am finally out of my chocolate coma!!

46 days and admittedly a great challenge!! Tasting chocolate again on Sunday was very strange and felt very wrong! But GOOOOD!!!
I ate a lot…but not as much as I thought….took me a while!
Now I’m like where’s the chocolate??

You will be happy to know thought, that my house is full of chocolate eggs that I’m making my way through!!

Well done to all those who gave something up for lent, esp chocolate, hope you are enjoying normal life again!!

Even though I love chocolate, this has been a good test of how much I rely on it and think I need it!
I have also tried new things and found happiness in random stuff!
Biggest lesson, I need that lick me up….a lot! I’m reliant on something and easily addicted to stuff! Ha!

Check out my Easter weekend chocolate activities and I will be back posting a blog about my favourite days and treats shortly!!


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