Day Seven: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – My Secret Weapon!!

Ah god…….I got home and had all my dinner plans sorted (home alone tonight) but completely neglected the dessert part!!

I looked in the fridge…..why is there chocolate in there?? How, who……Whhhhhhhhy??
Close the fridge Charli…..if you can’t see it, it’s not there……then why can I hearing the mini eggs calling my name!!

Then I remembered…… Sitting on the top shelf of my fridge are some little pots of joy! Anyone ever heard of Motts?

They make tinned fruit in USA and make these delightful pots of puréed apple sauce. I know, I know… sauce like this should be accompanied with pork and mash and parsnips……yum…..but I love apple sauce with everything!!

You can officially not buy them in England so whenever I go over to the states I always top on them!!

It’s a question I ask myself everyday….why am I English….something when wrong….I should have been American!!! But until the day I become a citizen I have to accept that pretending is the best I going to get right now!!

So I tuck into my little pot of fruit and smile that actually it’s probably quite healthy!! Go me!!

Tomorrow there will be a plan………pie maybe?!?!


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