Day Seventeen: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Experimenting!!

Friday is here and plans are made for the weekend!!
Only thing left to do is to plan the makers fair I will be baking cakes for next week!!
Cupcake cases-check, icing-check, new ideas……er best get on it!!

I got me mixing bowl out and got to work!!

With it being Mother’s Day on Sunday I’m going for pastel colours and sweet cupcakes that mums will love.
I like doing big events, means I get to do lots of flavours…..even chocolate!!

I’m think I’m in a good place thought, I miss it but hey life really does go on…..just gotta make sure I don’t eat any of the mixture as I’m baking…..eeeek!!!

Check out this strawberry cream cupcake, dipped in milk chocolate!!

I promise I didn’t have any of the mixture as I was putting into the case…..ok maybe a little spoonful…..don’t judge…I’m without chocolate!!


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