Day Six: 40 Days of No Chocolate Challenge – a Friends Recommendation!!

Day six…… Feels like I have been doing this longer!!

Feeling very lazy today so it’s a good job I have friends who are taking this chocolate ban seriously and are there for me in times of need!! That’s right…..just as I’m sat on my couch thinking ‘ah no what should I make’….I can’t be bothered….this blanket is too soft to leave and having to get up means letting go of the remote control!!
So just as I brave it to the kitchen my friend Karen messages me one sentence that may have changed my life!! ‘Peanut Butter on digestives. Try it!’ She was not wrong!! The question was… much do I put on one biscuit….what is the sweet to salt ratio and how many am I allowed??? It was good and as I sat eating it very slowly….so I could savour its goodness….. I imagined what else I could put on different biscuits!! Nutella on cookies, cream cheese on rich tea’s….maybe not….what an amazing idea…..a biscuit and a spread meant for bread or toast!!! Genius!!

Day six done…..only another 40 days to go…..yep apparently Sundays don’t count!! Aghhhhhh!!!



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