Day Ten: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – MUST NEVER BE EMPTY!!

After a big physical day at work accompanied by a large fish and chips….. There wasn’t much room for anything else but sleep!!

However, there is rule in my house…..the sweet jar….which was one of the first things I bought when we moved in…must always have sweets in… all times!! So if an emergency occurs where I need sweets and the it’s 10pm and the shops are closed….I never need worry because the jar of sugar and delight will always save the day!!

It has actually never been empty, it occasionally sits in the kitchen with a few lonely sweets that don’t sit on top of my list, but is never empty!!

At the moment my boyfriend is doing a great job of keeping it full and varied!!

Friday night arrives……let’s tuck in!! I made the mistake of buying a tracker bar on my way to work today for a snack and when I came to open it realised it was a chocolate chop tracker!! I contemplated whether to dissect each chip out one by one or to admit defeat and throw it away!! I tried to extract the chips…. I tried to convince myself there was nothing I could do so should just eat it….but guilt washed over me and I gave up!!

So my little emergency jar is just what I needed tonight!
Honestly people, everyone should have one of these in there house!!


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