Day Thirty: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – A real test of will power!!

Last day of term, whooooooo!!
Lots of energy and end of term excitement!! Only one thing for it! An Easter Egg Hunt!!

Not we don’t do it by halves at my work and we definitely don’t make it easy!! This hunt was like Hunger Games; Curse of the Mini Eggs!! My role; to buy the eggs……what??? Why?? This is punishment!!

So the days starts ok, I carry the eggs to work and don’t really think about it….but then they are on my desk and I’m tired and vulnerable and in need of treats…then I have to unwrap them…..ah god…..stop staring at me!! I can hear them….’just one charli, no one will ever know!’…….aggghhhhh!!

A small amount of chocolate isn’t so bad, I can deal with it, but when there is large amount and knowing that no one will notice a small, delicious, carefully foiled wrapped, festive, yummy chocolate egg if went missing!!

I leave my desk, I hand the eggs over and scream loudly inside my head!! Ha!

I didn’t really treat myself to something alternative today but thought not giving in to such temptation deserved a blog anyway! Well done me!!


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