Day Thirty Five: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – No better treat!!

Now I maybe bending the rules or going to levels that really do go beyond ‘treating yourself’!!

So prepare yourself….. Today’s treat and substitute for chocolate comes in the shape of a human? Is that allowed?
A male, around 30 years of age and probably the biggest triple threat known to man…..EVER!!! (For those unfamiliar with triple threat; it’s someone who can sing, dance and act!!)

Ladies and Gentleman…..JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!

After a spontaneous moment last Thursday where I was made aware that Justin Timberlake still had tickets for his tour, I asked myself, ‘why am I not going’? Then it happened, iPad on, credit card out and click to buy!!

No words can really describe the talent that man has, tbh God wasn’t really being fair when he made that guy, didn’t really share out the talent and beautifulness to the rest if the world!!

Anyway, no chocolate needed, no food substitute required, just me, Justin, a moving stage and his dulcet tones…how romantic…..even if his wife and another 10,000 people were there!! Ha!!

I really have excelled myself today and worry about the pending withdrawl and normality that will kick in afterwards!!
You tube… need to get me through this terrible time!!


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