Day Thirty One: 40 Day Bo Chocolate Challenge – Are you kidding me??

This week is really testing me…….. BISCUITS……you demons!!

A meeting at work today included biscuits….great I thought….non chocolate ones for me, but hey, it’s a biscuit, all good!! CORRECTION; not good, not good at all!
Marks and Spencer’s…. I think your great…your sandwiches, great, smoothies great, crisps, great….but why, why would you make a selection box of biscuits that are all chocolate?? Not one single biscuit was not draped in white or milk chocolate goodness! Now I’m not biscuit connoisseur but most biscuit boxes have a couple of plain ones, you know the ones, shortbread or some sort do ginger crunch….but no….all chocolate!!

So in sat there watching everyone take one biscuit, then another and I’m struggling, I want to quit! I try to convince myself that 30 days I’d good enough, enough is enough now….I’m a better person when I’m in chocolate, no one needs this charli around! Ha! Nice try! The guilt after enjoying the biscuit would be too much so I instead have a lack of space raiders….so 90’s and crunch my way through them, wafting the pickled inion smell around the meeting room as everyone else eats the biscuits!! Ah well!


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