Day Thirty Three: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Does anyone one remember Hippo Mousse?

I used to love Hippo Strawberry Mousse when I was kid! It’s so much better than yogurt! Yogurt is just a bit boring!
Mousse……mousse is goooood!

Although I tend to stir the mousse until it looks like yoghurt so ignore me!

Have found a mousse just like hippo mousse though……Ski Mousse! It’s good. My fridge has about three packs in it!!
I need the dairy! It makes me think I’m kind of having chocolate in a weird way…anything to keep my naughty fingers out of the biscuit tin!!

Plus my boyfriend said that since there is no chocolate in the house, he is loads better at not eating little bits which he shouldn’t!!
So yey me, helping the diabetics too!! Too kind for my own good me! Ha!!


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