Day Thirty Two: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Being adventurous!!

Now anyone who knows me knows; 1: I don’t like change, and 2: I generally like what I like and a bit if a wuss sometimes in trying new things!!

I am better now I’m older……I’d tend to try the new stuff I would never when I was younger that isn’t scary, like food, and wuss out of the real scary stuff I used to love, like roller coasters now I’m older!! AGE!!

Anyway, Trinity Kitchen, I’ve definitely mentioned it before! The really cool food court place in Leeds City Centre. Well they have about 4 main food places that are always there and then they have food stalls that are there just for the month then change!! I love it here… and the boyfriend are there….ALOT!!

It means I try new stuff and don’t stick to the same old, like chicken wraps…..they are my favourite, and sandwiches!!

In the last couple of months since going there though I have tried falafel, Vietnamese food and other peoples cakes…..I know! Check me out!

Anyway, at the beginning of the month they change over and I’m always dying to get down there and explore!
This month’s……very different and in need of some bravery on my part?
There is a Sri Lankan, Indian and Sushi stall! All look exciting but a little scary!

I’m searching for the sandwich place, a wrap, a baguette, something safe….but nothing!
I walk around a few times and settle on the sushi stall!
Now I didn’t like sushi until last year where I broke my yo sushi virginity! Was an overwhelming situation in itself…..the moving conveyer belt and the freedom to choose ANYTHING!! I sat and watched everyone else for about 15 minutes until I was clear that I had the right instructions!!

So this stall….. It was sushi but giant!!
Like wraps but sushi… If that makes sense!!

I’m going for it…I’m going to be brave……I order the chicken teriyaki…I know, I know, I could have been braver but baby steps ey!!

It was good, quite overwhelming and very filling but good all the same! Fresh, tasty and different!
My no chocolate treat done, with style! Off to the theatre I go!!


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