Day Three: 40 days of no chocolate challenge – Help me out London!!

Good evening all!! what are you up to? Are you eating chocolate? I hope not! Ha!

I am currently sat on my friends sofa in London watching a movie! Now people, I have great friends, even friends who go to the extra length of supporting me in my sugar fast! Ha, almost the truth…… My friend also has given up the good stuff for lent so I’m in good hands this weekend! However instead of afternoon tea or a cheeky ice cream down at Southbank this weekend, we shall mostly be eating meat and cocktails….fine by me!!! 🙂 good times!!

My boyfriend told me last night that bourbons did not have chocolate in them….WHAT??? This is great news…this could be the answer to the pit of darkness I will eventually fall deep into…….. But no, thanks to good old google, it’s sadly not true and I can confirm that bourbons DO have cocoa in them! Dam….back to the drawing board!!

Anywho, this evening’s substitute to keep me sane and secure is not just sweet popcorn but sweet and salty popcorn!!! Get me ey!! I shall now be spending the remainder of my evening crunching, sipping wine and maybe even having a tipple of the old whiskey!! Who says life without chocolate is baaaad?!?!?!


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