Day Twelve: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – Cassa Del Ackroyds!!

Sunday was a good one…… My lovely friend Vicky is cooking me and some friends dinner!! Now the real reason we go round is not for the dinner part really…..although it’s always so good…but we go because we love cake and she makes amazing cake!! Cake that is filled with Love!! And they come in all different shapes and sizes, flavours and all personal to our dietary requirements!!
My boyfriend as a diabetic shouldn’t eat to much of the good stuff…so Vicky always makes him his own sugar sugar free selection!!
Along with this was plenty of non chocolately treats perfectly sized so you can eat plenty!!

There were bakewell tarts, lemon cupcakes, cookies and brownies…delicious!!

A lovely evening, with lovely friends, and yummy food!! I love food parties!!


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