Days 36-43: 40 Day No Chocolate Challenge – A round up!!

Well it’s been another busy week and if I’m honest I’m looking forward to Easter Sunday!
I actually thought it would start off bad and get better, but actually I want chocolate more now the end is in sight!!
Just a few more days……

Have done a 180 in the whole replacing chocolate with other sweets things and have found my savory tooth!! I have noticed I have been substituting chocolate for things like; pie and pasty’s and crisps…..although am hooked on Lotus Caramelised biscuits! They are perfect with coffee and a great sub for chocky biccies!!

Had some yummy stuff this week, including 2 picnics and homemade CakeRox Cupcakes, sooooo gooood!! Also found a drive-thru Starbucks…..yes you heard me right…..but as I was carefully deciding what to get and making my mouth water looking at the frappuchino’s, as we arrived at the order point a little voice came over the tanoy to say that they had closed!! Nooooooooooo!! Who doesn’t need coffee after 9 at night!!!

Here is my week summed up in these pictures! I suppose when you have been that close to Justin Timberlake, there is just not much left to say!! Ha!!






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